A Mavalus Party!



Mavalus tape is known to be repositionable tape popular in school settings, used by teachers to display posters and other schoolwork, without damaging the wall.

Mavalus also has a line of decorative tape called Snazzy tape.   I used this colorful tape to create party hats for a pint-size birthday in my home last month. (See my Instagram feed for all of the fun)


  • 1 inch by 11 inch strips of  at least 80 pound card stock
  • Roll(s) of Snazzy tape
  • Scissors
  • your phone (yes, you read that right)

I created a short video showing how you can make your own party hat.  Please note the hat in the video is a miniature version, created to give you an idea of how the hat is made.  To make a hat that will fit, simply tape together 2-3 strips of 1 inch x 11 inch paper at the ends to make your paper strip longer, creating a larger hat!



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