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Recently, one of my favorite memory keepers highlighted an article titled, “On His 18th Birthday, Remembering My Son’s Life So Far,” by Shelley Emling, celebrating her son’s 18th birthday and reflecting on both how much and how little she remembers of her son’s early years.

I look forward to moving through life with my children and do not want to forget what makes me smile now: how they are starting to use language to talk to each other, the first time we read Green Eggs and Ham, asking “Is Daddy still on the airplane (traveling)? or even their excessive fighting and making up sessions.  Now, thanks to, I can add those moments to my Project Life pictures or journal entries. are stickers used to add video, voice and photos to your craft projects.   A pack of two stickers retails for a estimated $2.99USD.   Download the app to your smartphone (free). Use the app to scan your sticker. Record video, audio or take a picture and you are done! Attach the sticker to your favorite project. also offers iron on and sew on versions for needle-based projects (think: baby’s first blanket).

Reading Ms. Emling’s article answered the question bouncing around in my head for sometime: Who is this Project Life album for anyway?  For me, this album is for the day I blink and my preschoolers are starting college.   You will certainly find that is a fabulous product that will add a personalized touch to your creative  projects.

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